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Immigration Medical Exam

Welcome to Immedi Health Wellness Center

Immedi Health Wellness Center provides Passaic County with a new option in Urgent Care.
Immedi Health Wellness Center will combine the familiarity of the Family Physician with the convenience of an Urgent Care Center to create a practice that will serve many of your medical needs.
We are conveniently located at 201 Lower Notch Rd, Little Falls, NJ. We will be seeing patients 7 days a week with evening hours Monday and Wednesday. No appointment is ever necessary, and we strive to provide you with the health care quality services that you deserve, at the time you mostly need it.
Immedi Health Wellness Center is home to professionals of many skills and talents that are passionate about helping you accomplish your individual wellness aspirations.
Each of the professionals at the Immedi Health Wellness Center share a common goal: to create an opportunity for the individuals that they serve to achieve a healthy well-being.
Visitors to U.S. hospital emergency departments have seen significant increases in the average wait to see a doctor from about 38 minutes to more than an hour within the past decade, according to federal statistics. The amount of time a patient waited before seeing a physician in an ER has been rising steadily, from 38 minutes in 1997, to 47 minutes in 2004, to 56 minutes in 2006. Immedi Health Wellness Center can see most patients in less than 15 minutes.

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